Students come in with ideas--often incorrect

We talked about this during our week together, and I wanted to make sure you have resources to support your own practice and to share with colleagues. 

This is a very recent article from a great author and scientist Anya Kamenetz. She talks about research done in the Private Universe project. This talk by Jonathon Drori also discusses that project.

I think the best book on understanding and responding to student misconceptions is a recent one by Page Keeley and Richard Konicek-Moran, Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science. In addition, Page Keeley has books with probes to reveal prior understandings and misunderstandings that you can copy and use. She explains the research behind how students learn these ideas and how to challenge them with phenomena. Richard Konicek-Moran has his own series of books that have short stories that challenge student conceptions, and suggested activities to follow them.


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