Congratulations Dr. Tarr

Our Colleague Dr. Matthew Tarr has been awarded an NSF grant of about $450K to study how sunlight degrades oil from oil spills. Our 2015 cohort will remember that he talked about his first studies on degradation of oil when we visited his labs at UNO. Now he has the funding to continue these studies. For those who have not yet participated in the Real World Science seminar at The National WWII Museum, Dr. Tarr is our academic partner for the program. He helps with the planning and facilitation of the whole week, and leads the part that takes place at UNO. He just stepped down as Department Chair of Chemistry at UNO, and is a founding member of the Advanced Materials Research Institute. Dr. Tarr researches nanomaterials, and has had grants to fund research experiences for undergraduates and teachers for the last 10 years.

Congratulations Matt!

UNO's press release about the award is here, and a link to the some of the original research is here.


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